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7 Hurdles MSPs Face When Changing a Client's View on Cybersecurity

There is an undeniable cringe that comes with watching a really bad decision unfold before your eyes. Scary movie fans see it all the time. Hiding in the closet instead of running. Entering the cave alone. Reaching into the cage.

In the real world, it’s just as hard to watch people make poor business decisions, especially when the best choice seems completely obvious. Case in point: email security.

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), you know the risks companies are taking every day by relying on legacy SEGs, built-in Windows security, and outdated software to keep them safe from phishing attacks. Unfortunately, too many decision-makers push back when it comes to implementing an advanced email security platform. Here are seven reasons they give for not upgrading their security stack to prevent phishing attacks proactively:1

  1. The belief that their current security is ‘good enough’

  2. Prioritization of other technology initiatives

  3. Lack of budget dedicated to security

  4. Insufficient understanding of potential security threats

  5. Inadequate understanding of current security threats

  6. Lack of metrics for security awareness

  7. Uncertainty around contracting security work

The list above, which was produced by the Computing Technology Industry Association, doesn’t contain any insurmountable objections. Rather, it’s a list of excuses that can lead to poor decision-making. As an MSP, a little thoughtful persuasion might be all you need to help steer your client into a safer decision. Here are a few approaches to consider:

  • Show them you truly care about the safety of their business. Their success is your success, and you value your relationship with them.

  • Ask them what their thoughts are on email security. This can help open up the conversation and shed additional light on any additional concerns that need to be addressed.

  • Share a story. Sadly, there are a plethora of horror stories that begin with phishing emails. Share some of the biggest phishing scams of all time or convey local stories you’re aware of.

  • List the pros of implementing an email security platform like INKY. As an MSP partner, INKY provides you with the sales and marketing tools you need to win clients. And in talking to your clients, don't forget to mention that INKY provides a rollout communication guide to educate their users on what INKY is, and how to navigate the email banners. 

  • Explain the process. Implementing INKY is easier than one might think. Free demonstrations and trials are always available, and INKY is compatible with just about every email platform. With no downtime to worry about, most customers are up and running in 30 - 60 minutes – even with remote employees.

Speaking about cybersecurity issues and phishing threats gets easier with practice, and INKY can equip you with the tools and resources you need to make a winning presentation and keep your clients safe.

INKY is the behavioral email security platform designed with Managed Service Providers in mind. Offering a relentlessly effective level of email security, INKY is capable of detecting and stopping phishing threats and preventing data leaks while simultaneously coaching users to make smart decisions regarding email security. It’s cost-effective, easy to deploy, and simple to administer. In fact, INKY’s Admin Control Panel puts the entire phishing landscape at your fingertips with simple, intuitive controls for functionality.

Take a step toward greater profitability as an MSP by offering an award-winning email security platform to your clients. Schedule your free INKY demonstration today.


INKY is an award-winning, behavioral email security platform that blocks phishing threats, prevents data leaks, and coaches users to make smart decisions. Like a cybersecurity coach, INKY signals suspicious behaviors with interactive email banners that guide users to take safe action on any device or email client. IT teams don’t face the burden of filtering every email themselves or maintaining multiple systems. Through powerful technology and intuitive user engagement, INKY keeps phishers out for good. Learn why so many companies trust the security of their email to INKY. Request an online demonstration today.