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A Shared Checklist of Proactive Measures for Cyber Resiliency and Security

When it comes to educating customers on the key elements of cybersecurity, every Managed Service Provider (MSP) has their own approach. Whether you stick to basic detection, protection, and recovery issues, or leverage recent cyber-catastrophes to spark a conversation, it’s always helpful to gain a different perspective.

Today, we’d like to share an excerpt from a recent report produced by one of INKY’s MSP Partners, Arete. The report, entitled Turning Tides: Navigating the Evolving World of Cybercrime, shares observations and trends, statistics on ransom demands and payments, threat actor tactics, and much more. In addition to the report’s deep dive into the current threat landscape and how it has evolved, Arete also looks ahead.1

“The barrier of entry into cybercrime is lower than ever,” shares Arete. “Emerging threat actors will likely leverage artificial intelligence, initial access brokers, commodity RATs, and leaked ransomware source code to build their own operations without needing support from large affiliate programs.”

Proactive Measures for Cyber Resiliency and Security

To increase cyber resiliency and secure data and systems, Arete recommends that organizations consider implementing the following proactive measures:1

  • Regularly update security software and patch against vulnerabilities.
  • Limit user privileges to the least access required to complete job requirements.
  • Conduct end-user training to educate employees on common social engineering techniques.
  • Implement an XDR (Extended Detection and Response) tool like SentinelOne to detect ransomware and other malware threats.
  • Utilize an attack surface management toolset to enumerate externally facing infrastructure and identify associated vulnerabilities.
  • Conduct annual penetration testing to identify security gaps and weaknesses.
  • Remain informed about the latest ransomware trends and techniques.
  • Define an Incident Response Plan to streamline recovery from ransomware attacks.

Arete is a leading global cyber risk management company focused on helping businesses and governments manage cyber risk through proven incident response, tech-enabled managed services, and powerful data insights. Arete recently received the prestigious title of Cybersecurity Company of The Year at the inaugural BW Security World Conclave & Excellence Awards in India.

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                                                      - Matt Panizari, Arete Sales Engineer

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