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Without Phishing Software Your Organization is at Risk

Email is everything to organizations in the digital era.  Whether via desktop or on mobile, it is the most critical and durable form of communication in the B2B world.  Criminals know this, and that’s why it’s the number one cyber attack vector. 

Almost every organization, including yours, is at great risk of falling victim to a phishing attack. Risk, of course, is not an absolute term, the risk of a phishing attack is simply the possibility of it occurring, the time for it to be detected, and ultimately its impacts on your organization.

Phishing attacks cannot be eliminated. To do that you’d have to go to the source, and sadly as soon as one phishing fraud is discovered and removed another appears in its place. As long as there is email phishing attacks will persist. As an IT Security professional, you know that risk cannot be eliminated, but it can be successfully managed. If you haven’t deployed the appropriate phishing attack software, your risk of a successful phishing attack is much higher than it should be.

Configured well and managed astutely, Spam filters and Malware filters are great at filtering out their respective namesakes, but phishing can be a very different proposition altogether. Phishing attacks have become ever more subtle and more targeted. A LinkedIn update can cause a criminal to target a specific individual with links to enroll for benefits at their new job.

Facebook and other social media can make socially engineered phishing attacks appear wholly authentic. No matter how well trained your internal team is their ability to discern real communication from phishing attempts is never 100%.  

How Much Risk Are You Willing to Accept?

How much trust are you ready to place in a user community that may have limited to no IT skills, and a limited to a negligible understanding of phishing attempts and cyber intrusions?

Every associate in your organization presents a risk to the bottom line, your intellectual property, your corporate prestige, and each other. Past performance and your lack of history of phishing attacks mean little, all it takes is one successful intrusion, and millions of dollars might be at stake.

Phishing is the number one risk in dollar terms facing CISO’s today, and yet investment often skews towards other areas of cyber security, phishing risks are often, too often, brushed off as solvable by deploying spam and malware filters, relying on a third party email provider and a little phishing training on employee orientation day.

If you are operating today without a true anti-phishing platform like INKY you are subjecting your email user community to an unacceptably high level of risk, simulation, training, spam filters, malware filters, all taken together are still allowing billions of dollars’ worth of successful phishing attacks to occur annually.  We read about it almost daily in the news.

How to Lower Your Phishing Risk Level

To lower your phishing risk level to as reasonable as possible, you have to seek out the toolset that can give you the best possible chance of risk mitigation, if not all out risk avoidance. INKY is that phishing software tool. Our approach to Phish filtering and management relies less on the tired statistical analysis methodologies of the legacy spam filters and focuses instead on the minutiae, less about what is similar and generic more about what is unique and targeted.

The INKY phishing software platform deploys industry-leading computer vision technology that can spot an authentic corporate logo, graphic, or iconography style for a clever forgery. INKY can see what humans can’t, detecting subtle yet critical differences in the size, shape, color, and resolution of otherwise realistic images.

INKY’s Machine Learning algorithms mean that while other phish filtering platforms remain static or in need of human intervention, INKY learns from each email she receives becoming progressively smarter and progressively harder to fool. INKY will be infinitely more intelligent in the time it takes me to type this, and in the time it would take you to read an email.

Our artificial intelligence engine is in a constant state or risk awareness, avoidance, and reaction. INKY makes the right call, not by chance, not driven by a days old whitelist but rather through technological knowledge.

Taken together, INKY’s trifecta of technologies presents the most robust anti-phishing solution in the industry. The risk of not having appropriate phishing protection can be counted in both dollar terms and in human capital. Phishing victims often lose confidence, productivity suffers, and when multiple individuals have been impacted, a drive towards ultra-conservatism often emerges, burdening IT with the job of evaluating and aggregating suspicious emails.

If the day comes when your organization suffers a successful phishing attack, how will you respond when the inevitable questions are asked? Without adequate phishing protection, there is no answer, only hope.

INKY is the industry leader in phishing prevention; our small footprint platform can be installed and operational in typically less than an hour. Each incoming email is risk assessed, and color flagged providing in-line direct risk mitigation, and taking the is/isn’t decision out of the hands of the users.

Take the INKY Phishing Phitness test today and discover what risks are already lurking in your email.

INKY – Phight Phish.