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Does Your Email Security Provider Have What It Takes?

Gone are the days when email scammers could be spotted a mile away and spam was what gave IT teams a headache. Even though phishing attacks have only been plaguing us since the 1990s, they’ve grown at a rate that is nothing short of violent. It’s forced companies out of business, driven the rise of cybersecurity taskforces, and pushed companies to take matters into their own hands or risk becoming a victim.

Which Phishing Protection is Best?

Let’s face it…most of us were not born to be cybersecurity experts. And yet, every CEO, business owner, and IT manager has to know enough about the email phishing industry to make intelligent decisions on behalf of their own company. Every email security service you consider will have its own idea about what your company needs, and while each might sound compelling, will it be enough? Sometimes what you don’t know can lead to poor choices. That’s why it’s so important to learn from the start what types of phishing threats are ready to attack and what technologies email security platforms must have to be able to stop them.

Phishing Threats You Need to Worry About

It’s estimated that 3.4 phishing emails are sent out each day, globally.1 They come in all shapes and sizes and your email security platform needs to be able to identify, disarm, and track every type, including:


It’s Not Just About Inbound Mail Protection

If an email security solution would have you believe that all you need to worry about is inbound mail…walk away. There is a lot more to it. Make sure your email security platform can catch phish on inbound, outbound, and internal emails, as well as in the office, from home, and on mobile devices.

Complete Phishing Protection Calls for Multiple Technologies

Cybercriminals have become so creative and their schemes so advanced that top email phishing solutions must have multiple solutions at play to keep your company safe. From social graphing to advanced attachment analysis, be sure the email security platform you select can do it all.

Take a few moments to see how all the necessary capabilities and solutions come together to create the most effective email security platform.


Put the Security of Your Email And Your Company First

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