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Highlights of INKY's Annual Email Security Report 2023-2024

The State of Email Security

If there is one thing about email security and phishing that you can count on, it’s cybercrime’s consistent upward climb. Year after year, phishers are improving their skills - devising more complicated phishing threats, designed to slip by Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) and fool recipients. In 2023, INKY uncovered numerous new and dangerous phish that are sure to continue into 2024. Thankfully, with each phishing catch, INKY grows smarter.

The industry saw changes too, to its pool of vendors and in the tools cybercriminals had at their disposal. Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT have permanently changed the landscape of email security. For those who don’t have the right email security measures in place, all of this sets a dire tone for 2024.

At INKY, however, we are well-poised to take on whatever cybercriminals decide to throw our way. We’ll continue to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to our advantage, staying ahead of the bad guys. We’ll also continue to make Managed Service Providers (MSPs) our priority, ensuring they are well equipped to keep their customers out of harm’s way.

Email Security Report Highlights

Of course, this short summary is just part of the picture. And, it’s our hope that you’ll take a few minutes to dive deeper into the state of email security by reviewing INKY’s Email Security Annual Report 2023-2024. It’s full of great information, highlights of which include:

  • 10 Most Phished Brands of 2023
  • A New Era of Phishing: Generative AI
  • Top Phishing Trends of 2023
  • Growing Threat Categories
  • INKY’s New Product Development
  • Email Security Predictions for 2024

Reviewing INKY’s Email Security Annual Report 2023-2024 is a great way to prepare for what’s ahead in 2024. Though, if you don’t yet know about what INKY can do for you and your customers, finding out could prove to be one of the best moves you make this year. Contact us for a free demonstration or learn more by visiting our website.



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