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Stop Phishing Emails

By the end of this article, you will know exactly how to stop phishing emails.

Before I reveal the not so secret, secret to stop phishing emails in their tracks, let's talk about the different tools that are supposed to prevent phishing attacks and where they ultimately fall short. 

Misconceptions About Phishing Tools

Many companies have adopted different types of phishing simulations and training. Often employees receive phishing awareness training as part of their onboarding process and for as long as they work at the company. The next time they hear about phishing is when they or a colleague have been victimized by it.

Phishing simulation is also popular, but there is a legitimate debate about its efficacy. IT wonks often revel in creating fake phishing attempts that test the wisdom of their user community, drawing metrics from the results, but the reality is that simulation, at best, is a conditioning tool. It does not stop phishing attacks. Preparing associates for what phishing attacks might look like certainly has value, but to prevent phishing attacks, we have to look deeper.

Another common misconception when considering how to stop phishing attacks is that spam and malware filters are successfully fulfilling that mission. Spam filters are particularly adept at stopping big net phishing attempts that are generic and formulaic in their content and approach.

The technical underpinnings of spam filters use Bayesian statistical algorithms to identify and filter out obvious phishing attempts. Malware filters similarly piggyback off the spam filters to try to remove suspicious files from incoming emails.

Certainly, both of these tools can stop SOME phishing attacks, but they fall drastically short when it comes to halting all phishing attacks.

When we consider the potential impact of a single phishing attack it is clear that even taken together; training, simulation, spam filters, and malware filters are falling well short of being successful at stopping phishing attacks. 

How to Stop Phishing Emails

So earlier I told you that I would share with you the not so secret, secret about stopping phishing attacks. The answer, of course, is INKY.

INKY'S Phish Fence technology prevents 100% of phishing attacks 100% of the time. To date, no customer using INKY has fallen victim to a phishing attack.

So what makes INKY so effective at stopping phishing attacks? Put simply, INKY takes all of the most effective components of the filtering and awareness tools and supercharges them, creating an impenetrable phish fence that makes stopping phishing attacks a reality. 

Rather than providing users with one time or periodic phishing awareness training, every email received to a users inbox becomes a teachable moment. INKY provides an inline banner in every email that summarizes both graphically and contextually the content of each message received. INKY'S banners are a highly effective conditioning tool that helps email users contribute to the fight to stop phishing attacks.

Every associate in an INKY secured organization is exposed to the nuances of real and fake messages hundreds of times daily. Not only does INKY provide the awareness aspects of phishing prevention, but INKY also makes quick work of spam and malware, stripping out dangerous files and quickly spotting mass spamming solicitations. 

INKY combines three core technologies to stop phishing attacks, only by taking each of these technologies together can phishing attacks be truly prevented.

INKY uses a concept called computer vision to see what you and I can’t. INKY can discern carefully constructed brand forgeries by comparing real corporate logos, iconography, etc. to expertly crafted fakes.

Machine learning allows INKY to grow smarter minute by minute, email by email. INKY is a perpetual student; her knowledge of phishing is peerless and her thirst for learning unquenchable. To stop phishing attacks, INKY constantly evolves, easily stopping yesterday’s attacks, preventing today's efforts, and is ready to deflect tomorrow's attacks.

The final piece in the puzzle to stop phishing attacks is Artificial Intelligence (AI). INKY uses AI to thread together the disparate yet subtle markers of a phishing message. INKY'S AI engine blends all the best elements of spam and malware filters and applies a knowledge that is a generation ahead of anything else. 


Stopping phishing attacks needn't be aspirational; it can be a reality. INKY'S technology has a small, easily managed footprint that is fully deployed often in less than an hour.

Stopping phishing attacks is an email or a phone call away, give us an hour, and we'll give you the answer to stopping phishing attacks.

Take the INKY Phishing Fitness Test and see if you’ve been phished.

INKY – Phight Phish.