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Customer Story: MSP Arete Incident Response Talks Email Cybercrime

The Arete team provides end-to-end cyber risk solutions to customers throughout the world. They are passionate about stopping cybercrime attacks and are focused on defending and protecting their clients from the theft of sensitive data through rapid incident response and deployment of protective measures. In addition to managed services, Arete offers incidence response, data recovery, and advisory services.  

Matt Panizari

Arete’s managed services experts are focused on day-to-day operations and support for clients. This team delivers simple, fast, cost-effective recommendations and proven solutions for those recovering from cybercrime attacks.

The Need

Most clients coming to Arete’s managed services team have already experienced some form of cyberattack, such as ransomware or business email compromise (BEC). Almost all these security breaches began with a phishing attack, and it is now up to Arete’s managed services team to help ensure the client has the proper infrastructure to prevent future threats.

The Solution

INKY spoke to Arete’s sales engineer, Matt Panizari, about why his company partnered with INKY. “Email is almost always the first avenue a threat actor will take. We wanted to partner with INKY because they do an excellent job with phishing attacks, which is vector #1. INKY is the best at giving its users relevant notification so they can make an informed decision about whether that email is legitimate.” INKY is offered as an à la carte option to Arete clients. “An email might look like it is coming from your CEO, but if INKY flags it as a first-time sender, that encourages the user to think about the email’s legitimacy. They’ll stop and get extra guidance from IT or an MSP.”


As an MSP, what do you like best about INKY?

“I like how the banners work for the end-user,” says Panizari. “They are not burdensome to users, and when INKY flags an email, it provides great details. It’s an excellent delivery and experience on mobile or desktop.”

Getting new users up and running with INKY is easy, too. “I don’t need a subject matter expert to deploy and support the system. And on the other side, as far as the user experience is concerned, the INKY product is very straightforward.”

INKY mobile desktop tablet-all email examples

A Final Word

When asked if there was anything about the INKY experience he wanted to share, Panizari added:

“As an MSP, you often wonder if they will ever pick up the phone after you have signed a contract with a partner. And I can say we have had great experiences with INKY. They even helped us enter an environment to ensure everything was configured correctly. That is rare.”

“Many partners would send you a link in an email and leave you to figure out things on your own. If that engineer gets stuck, they will escalate the issue, which costs me soft dollars. But INKY took extra time with the engineer. They showed them exactly what they were talking about and walked them through it. When INKY steps in and helps an engineer, they will not have that problem again.”

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