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Customer Story: Construction Company Seeks to Replace Ineffective Banners

Big-D Construction is a national general contractor focused on commercial and high-end residential home buildings. While the company is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, they have a total of twelve offices stretching from California to Minnesota. Big-D believes that respect, communication, and responsiveness are key to great projects and happy customers.

Founded in 1967, Big-D Construction has earned a reputation for excellence during its 50+ year tenure in the industry – with both employees and customers. The Salt Lake Tribune has named Big-D one of Utah’s Top Workplaces in 2020 and 2021. Additionally, approximately 90% of their business comes from repeat customers.

“Once we implemented INKY, it was like night and day. 
We had better filtering and after training employees, and once they understood the banners applied by INKY’s Email Assistant, it took away a lot of the workload from IT.”

- Ryan McNabb | Technology Director | Big-D Construction

The Need

Big-D has always tried to stay ahead of the curve in the construction industry, and even when it came to IT they took a similarly proactive approach. Big-D had been using a set of banners they had built for Outlook which showed the user whether or not the email was external. However, because they were so static, it wasn’t long before users stopped noticing these banners and began clicking on risky links. Big-D needed a better alternative.

The Solution

We spoke with Ryan McNabb, an IT manager with Big-D, and asked what prompted him consider INKY. “We found INKY, at first, just to solve our banner problems. We wanted to see different types of banners and not just have them on internal emails,” said McNabb. “Once we started to talk further with INKY, we realized they also offered AI and all of the phishing protection that comes with it. Our eyes were opened.”


Implementing INKY

In the coming months, nearly 900 Big-D employees began using INKY, which turned out to benefit the employees and the IT department. “INKY was easy and superefficient to adopt and roll out. Once we implemented INKY it was like night and day,” McNabb commented. “We had better filtering and after training employees, and once they understood the banners applied by INKY’s Email Assistant, it took away a lot of the workload from IT. Users started managing their own stuff and the IT team didn’t have to sit and watch email or deal with quarantine like we used to. It’s been a real time saver.”

Additional Benefits

Big-D is also enjoying the fact that the INKY dashboard alerts the team of specific threats they’re getting, thereby shedding light on different security needs. According to McNabb, “Having INKY has helped our security initiatives, not just around email, but other places too. We know things are getting more complex and the volume of potential threats is so high that no company’s IT staff could support it alone.”

When asked what Big-D users think about INKY, McNabb shared, “Employees like the fact that when they respond to an email, INKY’s Email Assistant strips the banners out as a default and customers can’t see them. Our leaders and Business Development team members are very happy about that."

Big-D truly values the partnerships they have, which is why we were so happy to hear McNabb report, “The customer relationship has been great. At INKY, they’re proactive and they reach out. And they really do listen to our feedback and take it into consideration. A few of the things we would like to have seen have now been implemented.”

Because Big-D is in construction, they are heavy mobile users – both their field staff and executives. They appreciate the fact that the INKY interface and interaction is no different than it is when using computers in the office.

A Final Word

We asked McNabb if there was anything he would like to share with companies considering INKY and he said, “You’ll find out that there is more to INKY than what you thought you needed it for. It opened our eyes to all the things we didn’t realize we needed. We started out wanting INKY for the banners and the insight into phishing it gives to our employees. But seeing all that INKY can do really opened up so many other doors. It’s really helped us out.”

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