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Fresh Phish: Catch of The Day: Malware-laden Thanksgiving Cards

Imagine scanning your inbox and seeing a “Thanksgiving Greetings” email from your boss. How sweet! What a nice break between everyday messages to read a short email wishing you Thanksgiving Greetings. The email has an attachment called “Greeting Card 2018.”  Maybe this card has a picture of the new puppy, or their beach house? ...

If your organization used INKY, you would know right away that this email is really a sneaky phishing attempt. We are seeing a lot of variations on this greeting card scam this week. The emails appear to be from a colleague the recipient knows well. The messages are very brief, often with a benign seasonal quote and a sentence mentioning the card. Nothing about these emails looks particularly suspicious, and that is why companies need Inky Phish Fence. 

INKY instantly analyzes emails without slowing down email delivery. For these emails, INKY displayed a prominent red “Danger” banner, warning that the email is from a “Spoofed Internal Sender” with a “Malware attachment.” Clicking that greeting card could disable or damage your organization's computer system and/or expose its data. No thanks! 

INKY is also as easy to set up as being asked to bring the rolls to Thanksgiving dinner. See for yourself and schedule a demo now, before the “Happy New Year” greeting cards show up in your inbox. 


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