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Office 365 Admins Love INKY’s Email Remediation

Email Administrators often need to remove dangerous emails from company inboxes. Without INKY, this can be a time-consuming chore that requires logging into Powershellsearching for the emailfiguring out the proper syntax, etc.  

With INKY, the Administrators just need to go to the INKY dashboard. They will quickly find the email they are looking for with our easy searches, and they can remove the email from the inbox with a simple click.  

The Administrator can see the message and see INKY’s analysis of it. In this example below, INKY caught an email impersonating Microsoft, which was likely hoping to trick an employee into entering her Office 365 credentials. (The email recipient would also see the red “Danger!” banner when she sees the email.) See the “Delete Message from INKY-Protected Inboxes” button with red text in this screenshot:

remediation_1 (1)-1

One click, and the employee will never see this dangerous email again. The Administrator can search for similar messages as well, and search through all the emails that INKY considers dangerous or cautious. This is just one of the features of INKY’s flexible and smart dashboard. Schedule a demo today so you can see why email end users and Admins alike love INKY.