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Take the INKY Phishing Fitness Test

Ok… I am issuing you a challenge, after I count to three – start training! 1, 2, 3, go!

Wait why haven’t you started training yet?

Is it because you don’t know what your training for?

Ok fine, go and train for a sport, I can’t tell you which one, but I’ll know how well you’ve been trained by how you react when I throw you in a game…. at some point.

My whole premise sounds a little ludicrous right?

How could you, how could anyone, train for anything when what you are training for is completely unknown?

Well you couldn’t, and unfortunately if your phishing defenses are relying too heavily on phishing simulators and training there is a pretty good chance that your well-trained team might still be the single biggest threat to your organizations email security.

How can I can be so sure? The proof is in the email pudding, or in our case the email ocean and at INKY we see millions of them. According to the FBI, US companies have parted with about $3 Billion via email fraud in the last three years. Like many of those organizations the FBI counts as victims, every customer we have today had been doing some level of awareness training or simulation within their organizations prior to engaging with INKY. In every case, they came to the correct conclusion that those tools were simply not enough. Sadly for some, that conclusion was reached after they had already been a victim of email fraud.

Spam and Malware filters do a good job of taking care of annoying mass mailings and the odd piggy backing virus file.  Also, email simulation and awareness training can and should be considered as important elements in your overall email security and fraud prevention strategy, but how sure are you that you are doing enough?

Remember, spam filters, awareness training and simulation do not flag or otherwise redirect phishing attempts they simply take a broad brush to an increasingly fine tipped problem.

I have a challenge for you – it’ time to take the INKY Phishing Fitness Test!

The INKY Phishing Fitness test is a free, no obligation opportunity to watch INKY in action.

INKY’s Phish Fence offers the opportunity for organizations large and small to deploy a truly next generation anti-phishing solution. In a matter of minutes INKY can identify likely Phishing attempts in your current email pool. INKY takes a wholly unique approach to email fraud prevention with an innovative machine learning, artificial intelligence and computer vision engine that is in a constant state of learning, often beating the phishing aggregators to an attack identification by hours and on some occasion’s days.

Email fraud is only a click away. How confident are you in your email user community? Do they all share the same aptitude for phish filtering? Do you have the resources to support manually reviewing emails that your users consider to be suspicious? INKY’s Phish Fence takes the guesswork out of phishing presentation, our unique banner-based system provides your users with a platform agnostic, easy to understand alert that is embedded in each message they receive. Red banner emails can be forwarded on as an awareness and training tool or filtered into a quarantined folder. If a user tries to action a red banner email, they are immediately prompted with a second chance flash page that further elucidates the likelihood of them being phished.

Take the INKY Phishing Fitness Test today and see our next generation phishing platform in action.

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