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Too Many Phish in the Digital Sea

What is phishing? It’s a great question. Chances are, since the day you’ve had an email address, someone somewhere has been trying to phish you. Phishing is a modern twist on the classic sleight of hand. Sometimes it’s an aggressive assault meant to unbalance you, scare you, and prompt you to act irrationally, but often it’s a careful, less-obvious attempt to cajole you to share account information or click a link.


Wow! Someone named Ann accidentally sent you a magic link to get potentially thousands of dollars off a MacBook! Sure, you aren’t the intended recipient, but what’s the harm if you buy one cheap? Worst case, you can send it back.

 The above example isn’t overt at all. It’s crafted deliberately to paint a picture of an accidental email, a stroke of luck. Heck, it’s not even trying to sell you anything at all, it’s just giving you a discount!

The sophistication of modern phishing attacks like these needs more than just a watchful eye. To stop the phish you need INKY. INKY’s artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision algorithms work together to instantly analyze your email and warn you if something is suspicious. INKY also tells you what is suspicious about a fraudulent email in a warning banner so you can learn about the threats to your own inbox. 

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