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What You Will Find in INKY's Annual Email Security Report

With each passing year, the situation grows increasingly dire as phishing attacks grow in number, complexity, and cost. Sadly, 2022 was no different. With the new year just ahead, now is the perfect time to consider the impact cybercrime has had on businesses this year and the potential ways phishing will extend its reach in 2023. For these insights and more, we turned to the industry experts at INKY. We’d like to share some highlights of their Email Security Annual Report.

Top 4 Disturbing Numbers

From data breaches to hardest-hit industries, the escalating state of phishing can be looked at from several different angles. But no matter how you look at it, the numbers continue to climb. During a 12-month period, INKY observed a number of alarming phishing increases, including these top four:  

•    269% increase in total dangerous emails
•    263% increase in emails with malicious HTML attachments
•    175% increase in cryptocurrency scams
•    141% increase in CEO Impersonation attempts

What’s Hot And What’s Not

The two primary reasons phishing threats grow in complexity are simply because either people stop falling them or they are easily detected by email security systems. As a result, black hats rethink their strategies and new phishing trends emerge. 
With a birds-eye view of billions of emails, INKY scoped out the following:

•    ON THE RISE: phishing phone scams and advance fee threats
•    FALLING OFF: malicious URLs and executable codes 

Tricky Catches And Trends

Certainly, a highlight of our recent Email Security Annual Report is their list of trending tactics in email security and phenomenal phish catches. These slippery phish are exactly the kind that swim by most email security systems undetected…and with good reason. When you understand the elaborate nature of their design, it’s easy to see why most platforms don’t have the level of technology to catch them. Below is a list of some top tricky catches and trends, but you would do well to explore the details of all finds in the INKY report. 

•    Indirect and multi-step methods to lure in the end user, making the experience feel more real. 
•    Use of HTML and PDF attachments that SEGs do not block. 
•    Fake email alerts that you have a voicemail. 
•    Personalized phish using social media and a Google-hosted redirect
•    No text phishing emails that utilize image attachments
•    Leveraging legitimate cloud services for brand impersonation and credential harvesting

These are just some of the interesting finds you’ll read about in INKY's 2022-2023 Email Security Annual Report. It’s also important to note that INKY is constantly learning, changing, and improving in order to stay ahead of growing threats. In fact, in 2022, INKY expanded their technologies to include Outbound Email Protection, Email Encryption, and Advanced Attachment Analysis

Prepare For 2023 With INKY

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