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Fresh Phish: Who Would Steal from a Charity? Cybercriminals

I’ve been around technology in the professional sense for about 20 years. As a wee nipper I wrote my first program on my tape drive Amstrad CPC464 in 1987. I made a stick figure run across the screen, he would only ever get halfway though, a bit like me on a jog, but I digress.

My wider point is that I would consider myself to be fairly tech savvy, a phish scam would never catch me out, except they would.

I have just been genuinely scared by some of the examples that I’ve seen INKY Phish Fence catch. I’m not sure, that without INKY I would have been able to discern any of them as having malicious intent.

Check out this latest one that appears to look just like an email coming from the email platform itself!

INKY Anti-Phishing Catch of the Day

What is also particularly disturbing about phishing is that all organizations are considered fair game, charities and non-profits included.

After being successfully phished and losing thousands of dollars to an elaborate scam, one major global 501c3 reached out to INKY. Like many of our current customers, this particular charity already had a robust anti-phishing training program in place, but the success of the phishing scam proved it to be a false defense.

Our effortless deployment process meant that within an hour of activation, INKY was installed and monitoring all incoming email traffic. Since installing INKY Phish Fence the charity has experienced zero successful phishing attempts, despite an increase in incoming phishing email and an evolving elegance and sophistication in the attacker's approaches.

One of the key selling points for Inky Phish Fence is that it employs a combination of computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. It evolves constantly and learns hour by hour, minute by minute.

Regardless of your organization’s tax filing status, size, mission or geographies, INKY Phish Fence is a visual shield against the ever-changing arsenal of the email scammer.

Our anti-phishing software works on any endpoint, via any mail client, and even in congruence with an existing mail filter on your system.

Set up a 2-week free trial today and see for yourself.