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Why Hackers Hate Software Updates

We’ve all been there. You’re ready to make your most important sales pitch of the month. Or maybe your boss called a mandatory Zoom meeting and you don’t want to be late. Either way, your laptop screen come to life and says:


Working on updates 20% complete Dont turn off computer


It can be maddening! And yet, it’s a necessary evil. Your operating system is the most important software your computer runs and when it updates, you’re getting the latest fixes and security improvements so your device can stay safe and run efficiently. The same can be said for the different software programs your computer houses. Software and app developers constantly release updates that contain patches that fix vulnerabilities that have been discovered in their code, effectively blocking hackers. By promptly applying these updates, you’re helping to ensure your company’s network isn’t exposed. 

Here are the four simple steps for staying current with your software updates, according to the National Cybersecurity Alliance.1
Update often. Always keep your software updated when updates become available and don’t delay. 

Get it from the source. When downloading a software update, only get it from the company that created it. Never use a hacked, pirated, or unlicensed versions of software (even if your friend gave it to you). These often contain malware and cause more problems than they solve. 

Make it automatic. Software from legitimate companies usually provides an option to update your software automatically. When there’s an update available, it gives a reminder so you can easily start the process. If you can’t automatically update it, remind yourself to check quarterly if an update is available.

Watch for fakes! When you’re urgently asked to download something or fill out a form – don’t trust them. It can lead to an unsecured website or contain malware. 

Sadly, hackers often use fake security messages to breach your system. Some may come in the form of a pop-up, but the majority will be sent in the form of a phishing email. Consider these statistics:2,3

•    An estimated 3.4 billion fraudulent emails are sent daily. 
•    Two of the top 5 most impersonated brands are Apple and Microsoft
•    Cybercriminals can penetrate 93 percent of company networks
•    Only 50% of U.S. businesses have a cybersecurity plan in place

At INKY, we watch for fake security messages and all other types of phishing emails every day, around the clock to keep companies safe. INKY provides the most comprehensive malware and email phishing protection available and is the only behavioral email security platform. That means that not only does INKY block phishing attempts, but it also coaches users to make safe decisions – everywhere, all the time. By signaling suspicious behaviors with interactive banners, INKY guides users to take safe action on any device or email client.

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