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Why MSPs With a Platform Strategy Are Winning

It’s no secret that one of the fastest growing sectors within the technology industry is cybersecurity. But while global spending is expected to grow by 13% this year, many businesses continue to struggle financially, due to a myriad of forces ranging from inflation and higher interest rates to war and extreme weather conditions.1

When it Comes to Cybersecurity, Companies Are Struggling to Do More with Less

According to Canalys, a global market intelligence and research firm, “Cybersecurity spending still only accounts for less than 5% of total IT budgets, which is not enough given the financial impact of successful breaches. …new customer wins have also slowed, as organizations adopt a more cautious approach to taking on additional vendors. It is common for large organizations to have more than 50 cybersecurity tools in operation, often from dozens of vendors. Overall, organizations are under greater pressure to do more with less.”1

With multiple vendors solving specific cybersecurity issues as they arise, companies are left with a number of issues, including:1

  • Fragmented dashboards
  • A confusion of tools
  • Multiple alerts
  • Limited integration
  • Product redundancy and overlapping features

The Need for a Focused, Streamlined Approach to Cybersecurity

While the picture painted may not look pretty, it does provide plenty of opportunity for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who can offer the right platform strategy. Key elements of this strategy should include:

  • An initial assessment that reveals vulnerabilities and overlap
  • A standardized cybersecurity platform
  • The ability to reduce the number of vendor relationships the client must maintain
  • Cloud and identity security
  • SOC modernization and the rollout of SASE and XDR
  • An advanced email security platform that provides detailed reporting and integrates seamlessly

Be Sure INKY is Part of Your Platform Strategy

As a leader in email security, INKY has the technology to keep your customers safe from phishing scams, including malware, ransomware, business email compromise, brand impersonations, and more. INKY offers a complete email security platform that is easy to deploy, simple to administer, and a profitable way to boost your own revenue.

Leverage INKY to strengthen your customer relationships. You can provide automated phishing reports that reinforce the value you’re adding to their business as you keep them safe from costly phishing attacks. INKY also has a suite of marketing campaigns to help you secure new business and upgrade existing customers.

At INKY, we help MSPs become more successful. Find out what we can do for your business, your customers, and your platform strategy. Schedule a free demonstration today.



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