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Why Savvy MSP/MSSPs Partner with INKY

Why should an MSSP partner with INKY?

INKY’s anti-phishing software uses a three-pronged approach: computer vision, sophisticated artificial intelligence, and machine learning to detect the deep-sea phishing attacks that slip through every other system. By partnering with INKY, MSSPs can protect their customers by giving them a more holistic approach to their email security.   

How can MSSP's provide a more holistic approach to email security?

Instead of selling and setting up limited traditional email security tools, like separate spam filters or malware attachment detectors, our next-generation anti-phishing solution does all these things and is easy to deploy. INKY is the smartest investment in email security that a company can make. 

What about MSSPs that are moving clients to Microsoft Office 365?  

Perfect timing, because INKY was built for Office 365, INKY is easy to offer to clients  who  are already planning to migrate. Offering INKY can differentiate an MSSP and help them win more clients as well as make additional margin on Office 365 migrations.    

How does INKY help MSSPs onboard?  

We can work INKY with them until they are up to speed, from product demonstrations all the way through client implementation. They can also use it themselves, so they can see how effective the platform is at catching sophisticated phishing attacks. 

Can MSSPs white label INKY Phish Fence?  

Yes, that is an option. 

What do MSSPs need to do to start? 

Fill out our Partner Request Form, and we'll be in touch shortly!

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