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INKY Introduces Advanced Attachment Analysis, Encryption, and Banner Customization to Deliver Comprehensive Email Security

Secure Email Leader Announces Significant Product Updates Protecting End-Users Against Threat Actors and Security Risks


College Park, MD – September 27, 2022INKY, the leading behavioral email security platform, announced today INKY Advanced Attachment Analysis (AAA), Email Encryption, and Banner Customization features. The addition of these two new products to the market plus further enhancing the Email Assistant concept across all products enables INKY to deliver the most advanced and comprehensive email security platform.

INKY Advanced Attachment Analysis and Email Encryption expand the company's existing suite of technologies: INKY's Behavioral Email Security Platform, Inbound Email Protection, Internal Mail Protection, and Outbound Mail Protection products. INKY Email Assistant Customization extends INKY's current capabilities with new options to configure the banner for a customized end-user experience.  

INKY Advanced Attachment Analysis (AAA)

Advanced Attachment Analysis delivers patented, cutting-edge, deep evaluation of inbound email attachments in less than a second. It detects malware and exploits embedded deep within files, and because of the unique approach to file inspection, it can even detect zero-day threats. INKY's Advanced Attachment Analysis differentiates from competitors in five critical areas — speed, accuracy, privacy, volume, and the user experience with the INKY Email Assistant. 

INKY Email Encryption 

Encryption guarantees that a message with sensitive content is encrypted end to end, from when it leaves the sender's mailbox until the recipient reads it. INKY's Email Encryption technology allows the sender to proactively encrypt a message and store it in a secure web portal. This action ensures that the recipient gets authenticated before they can read the email. When used in conjunction with INKY Outbound Mail Protection administrators can create customizable rules that automatically require senders to encrypt outgoing emails with sensitive content. It is simple to use, user-friendly, and easy for IT with no plug-ins to maintain, and automatic workflows with Outbound Mail Protection. 

INKY Email Assistant Customization

The INKY Email Assistant appears as an interactive banner at the top of every email coaching employees to make safe decisions. Banner Customization offers an innovative approach to user engagement by introducing a customized banner feature. IT administrators can easily customize banners in the INKY dashboard in a number of ways including applying a custom image or logo, turning banner alert threat icons on or off, configuring the level of detail shown to end-users, and customizing the FAQ link, Details and Report this Email web pages. The industry’s first fully customizable banner, INKY enables a new level of assurance for employees – signaling to the recipient that approved company tools have scanned the email. 

"INKY's advanced technology and enhanced capabilities are making strides toward disrupting the email security industry," said Dave Baggett, Founder and CEO of INKY Technology. "We are not only building brands but also reinforcing protecting customers through customizable banners. From detecting cleverly concealed malware in inbound attachments to guarding sensitive data with easy-to-use encryption, INKY Technology is continuing to accelerate and innovate ahead of the market curve."

For more information on how INKY detects threats hidden in attachments, encrypts data in emails, and customizes the user experience while securing customers' inboxes, please visit .

About INKY

Headquartered in College Park, Maryland, INKY leads the industry in mail protection powered by unique computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The company's flagship product, INKY Inbound Mail Protection, uses these novel techniques to "see" each email much like a human does, to block phishing attacks that get through every other system. INKY founder Dave Baggett also co-founded ITA Software, the industry-leading airfare search company purchased by Google in 2011 for $730M, which now powers Google Flights®. For more information, please visit


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