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5 Reasons Why Virus Protection Software Isn't Enough

It’s no secret the cybercrime is big business.  In fact, business in the U.S. lost more than $2.7 billion in 2018 for failing to stop the latest cyberattacks.1  While many of these attacks target large corporations, business of all sizes are vulnerable. More often than not, the common thread is email security. 

So how do you protect your organization from the myriad of possible threats lurking just outside the inbox?  Virus protection software is generally the first solution that comes to mind but too many businesses are relying on this platform and it simply doesn’t provide enough security to keep your organization secure.  Here are some of the top issues posed by virus protection software.

  1. In a multi-layer approach, virus protection software is just one tier. Cybersecurity threats get more complex each year and taking a minimalist approach to your company’s online security could be detrimental.
  2. Human Error. If your IT Support department is manually applying patches and software updates to the virus protection platform, it won’t be fast enough to catch new threats that can come your way.
  3. Software Limitations. Antivirus software has its limitations. According to a report published by the IBM Knowledge Center, antivirus software programs can be limited by file size, scan time, and nesting depth.2
  4. False Positives. Some virus protection software programs delete or deactivate files they believe are dangerous. When done in error, vital programs can be paralyzed, resulting in a loss of productivity and wasted time spent fixing the problem.
  5. Microsoft security updates can cripple antivirus software, resulting in problems for its users. For example, in April of 2019, Microsoft’s security update caused issues for a number of customers using third-party software, including McAfee.  The results? Slow start-up times, frozen screens and system reboot issues.3

For companies relying on virus protection software, the list is daunting.  To make matters worse, phishing is a persistent threat with huge implications.  In fact, the number of potential threats is in the billions, and climbing every year.There is however, an affordable cloud-based solution that search for signs of fraud, catch spam and malware, and prevent phishing attacks before they cripple your organization.

INKY®, the preferred anti-phishing solution for hundreds of companies nationwide, is relentlessly effective―detecting and blocking things virus protection software cannot. It is also uniquely intelligent―using real-time learning to understand sender and user profiles and prevent phishing.   INKY® is also simple to set up and integrates seamlessly with any email platform. Its powers go well beyond that of virus protection software, keeping companies like yours safe and secure.


INKY® is the new solution in the war against phishing. An affordable, cloud-based email security program, INKY® can prevent even the most complex phishing threats from infecting, disrupting, and even immobilizing your organization’s network. Using computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, INKY® is the smartest investment you can make in the security of your organization. Learn more or request an online demonstration today.