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Beware of Frightening Phish this Halloween!

♬♬ I was working in the lab late one night,

When my eyes beheld an eerie sight.

A phishing threat began to rise.

And suddenly to my surprise,

He did the mash. He did the INKY mash. The INKY Mash

It was an I.T. smash. The INKY Mash

It caught on in a flash. The INKY Mash

An anti-phishing mash. The INKY Mash ♬♬

The Scariest Monsters Are the Ones You Don’t See Coming

BEWARE! Lurking in the darkest corners of the cyber underworld are schools and schools of frightening phish. They’re hiding deep within the emails of every single employee, waiting for the perfect time to unleash their evil spells. They’re well disguised and come in many forms.

Consider some of the scariest:

Terrifying Account Takeovers                                            Monsterish Malware

Frightful Brand Forgery                                                         Blood Curdling Ransomware

Creepy Business Email Compromise                             Spooky Spear Phish

Sinister CEO Fraud                                                                   Zombie-like Zero Day Attacks

Terrorizing, isn’t it? Thankfully, there is a way to stop the frightening phish you can’t see coming. Faster than a zombie hunter - in less than two seconds, the computer vision present in INKY’s Phish Fence analyzes an email from the perspective of a machine and also with a human eye. For instance, some character sets may look like a normal alphabet on the outside, but underneath their deceptive masks, each letter is a number or codepoint, that is vastly different from the alphabet presented. Secure Email Gateways see the alphabet and pass the email along to the recipient, unaware of what lurks beneath. However, when that same devilish email passes through INKY’s Phish Fence, computer vision intervenes and compares the alphabet we see to the codepoints underneath. If the two don’t match up, INKY flags it as a dangerous phishing email. Computer vision, coupled with sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence features, allows INKY to provide a level of email phishing security the competition just doesn’t have. 

Ghoulishly Gruesome

Nothing makes IT managers and CEOs shake with fright quite like email phishing statistics. Here are a few really gruesome ones:1

  • The average cost of an email phishing attack to a mid-sized company is $1.6 million.
  • Phishing is the leading cause of data breaches, accounting for 90% of them.
  • Nearly 1.5 million phishing sites are created each month.
  • 76% of businesses reported being a victim of a phishing attack in 2018.
  • 95% of attacks on business networks are the result of a successful spear-phishing attack.
  • 92% of malware is delivered via phishing email.
  • Phishing emails are responsible for 94% of ransomware attacks.

Skeletons in the Closet

Nobody likes to admit they have been duped by phishers. But if your company has ever been a victim of a large-scale phishing attack because the right anti-phishing protection wasn’t in place, you know how hard it is to admit you played a role. This year, as you go over your 2022 budget plans, be sure to prioritize INKY. Cost-effective and powerful, INKY can help prevent an expensive phishing attack – something no budget ever plans for.

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

Without INKY on your side, you have every reason to be afraid. With INKY, clear and concise banner alerts will notify your employees if there’s anything potentially fraudulent in an email. Four million lines of code power those banners, but the experience is as seamless as it is effective.

This Halloween, and all year long, keep the Frightening Phish at bay, with INKY.

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INKY™ is the most effective hero in the war against phishing. An award-winning cloud-based email security solution, INKY™ prevents the most complex phishing threats from disrupting or even immobilizing your company’s day-to-day business operations. Using computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, INKY™ is the smartest investment you can make in the security of your organization. INKY™ is a proud winner of the SINET 16 Innovation Award and was a finalist in the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Competition. Learn more about INKY™ or request an online demonstration today.