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Changing Behavior: The New Call to Slow Phishing Attacks

Dropping a carton of eggs could set you back about $3.50. Losing a library book might cost you $30. But what if you made a $120,073.00 mistake? In 2021, that was the average loss associated with a Business Email Compromise (BEC) scam…which is just one of the many types of cybercrime.1

From phishing threats and data breaches to ransomware attacks and impersonations, there is one worrisome common thread that is often glossed over:

More than 95% of all cybersecurity incidents involve human error, which most commonly comes in the form of “double-clicking” on an infected attachment or unsafe URL.2

This year, a leading Data Breach Investigations Report cited a new focus for those fighting cybercrime and phishing emails – Changing Behavior. They went on to say, “Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. Not people, not processes, not tools, not systems. But, we can get better, both at what we do and what we build. To that end, training is a big part of improving.”2

The question then becomes, how do we change behavior? As Verizon pointed out, training is a big part of improving. Unfortunately, random phishing simulation tests and classroom or video training won’t do the trick. Greater consistency is needed and that’s where INKY comes in. INKY blocks phishing emails and coaches your employees to make smarter decisions regarding email security.

How INKY Changes User Behavior

INKY is integrated within the email gateway or cloud email service provider and checks all email before it gets to the recipient. From that position, INKY unleashes its more than three dozen models simultaneously on every email that passes through. Based on the result of its analyses, INKY’s email assistant injects a dynamic, interactive banner into the email between the header and the body (and removes this block from any outgoing replies).

While other companies boast email banners, most are static in nature and can’t capture the attention of their users. Because these static or limited banners always look the same, users eventually don’t notice them, leaving the company vulnerable. INKY’s banners are different. Like a cybersecurity coach, the INKY banners educate and train the user with detailed descriptions of the threat at hand. Each contains one or more of nearly 60 warnings, available in 35 languages.

Phishing emails remain the #1 vehicle of choice for hackers, claiming hundreds of thousands of victims every year. But because INKY is the behavioral email security platform, your company doesn’t have to fall prey. INKY has been successfully securing email and changing the behavior of users long before Verizon recognized it as a “must-have” in the fight against phishing.

Investing in the type of technology you need to protect your company from phishing attacks is no longer something you should consider to be optional. Schedule your free INKY demonstration today.


INKY is an award-winning, behavioral email security platform that blocks phishing threats, prevents data leaks, and coaches users to make smart decisions. Like a cybersecurity coach, INKY signals suspicious behaviors with interactive email banners that guide users to take safe action on any device or email client. IT teams don’t face the burden of filtering every email themselves or maintaining multiple systems. Through powerful technology and intuitive user engagement, INKY keeps phishers out for good. Learn why so many companies trust the security of their email to INKY. Request an online demonstration today.