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How INKY Yellow Banners Reduce IT and MSP Overhead

Managing quarantined emails and release requests is an important, albeit tedious job. And, depending on the company’s preset anti-spam policies and similar security settings, IT administrators can find themselves bogged down with messages in need of review. How bogged down? Well, according to a recent report, about 3 million emails are sent every second, making it typical for an employee to receive between 100 to 120 work emails each day.1 Of those emails, about 1.2% will turn out to actually be malicious. 2

But what about the rest of the emails that head to quarantine? Hundreds of messages – including spam, graymail, and legitimate emails - could be awaiting review, costing companies needlessly lost work hours.

Thankfully, INKY has a helpful solution already embedded in their email security platform. It’s called the INKY Banner.

INKY’s Email Protection

Integrated within the email gateway or cloud email service provider, INKY checks all email before it gets to the recipient. From that position, INKY unleashes its more than three dozen phishing analysis models simultaneously on every email that passes through. The INKY Email Assistant then injects an HTML frame (in the form of a banner) into the email between the header and the body. Different colors are used, based on the result of its analysis. Gray is safe. Yellow advises caution. Red signals danger.

Why INKY’s Yellow Banners Can Reduce IT and MSP Overhead

INKY’s yellow banners signal the recipient to use caution. They indicate that something is unusual about a message and that the user should be careful. As an example, a yellow banner would appear when an email is received from an unknown sender.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their customers can customize their INKY settings to send all cautionary emails (those marked with a yellow banner) to the email recipient instead of quarantine. This allows the employee to make a decision about the safety of the email while saving the IT or MSP team from having to review hundreds of cautionary emails.

Should the employee find fault with the email, the “Report This Email” link allows them to report problematic emails from any device.

Laptop showing all three banner colors

A Few More Points About the INKY Banners

A lot of email security companies offer banners, but they pale in comparison to INKY’s. Here are some additional features of the INKY email banners:

  • INKY’s color-coded banners come with nearly 60 different warnings messages and are available in 35 languages.
  • In addition to a short descriptive message, a “details” link is included to provide users with additional insight into any particular issues with the email they’ve just opened. It’s like a mini email security training session baked into every email.
  • INKY’s banner message disappears when an email is forwarded outside of the company.
  • Companies have the option of customizing INKY’s natural language processing (NLP) to identify sensitive content, such as payment or wire transfer requests.
  • INKY differentiates trustworthy colleagues and legitimate senders from questionable or dangerous ones, immediately flagging sender, CEO, and brand forgery attempts.
  • Thanks to native HTML implementation, the INKY Email Assistant and platform, whether it be desktop, mobile, email client, or browser. Additionally, this same design works equally well on inbound, outbound, and internally sent email.

See What INKY Can Do for Your MSP Business

INKY is not only focused on helping MSPs keep their clients safe from phishing threats but can also help you build a stronger business. As a member of INKY’s MSP Partner Program you’ll enjoy flexible licensing, creative co-marketing programs to help you generate new business, and much more.

Learn more about the INKY banners by reading our special report: Understanding Phishing: Banner Effectiveness. Or, schedule a free demonstration today and let us show you all the ways we can make your MSP offerings even stronger.



INKY is an award-winning, behavioral email security platform that blocks phishing threats, prevents data leaks, and coaches users to make smart decisions. Like a cybersecurity coach, INKY signals suspicious behaviors with interactive email banners that guide users to take safe action on any device or email client. IT teams don’t face the burden of filtering every email themselves or maintaining multiple systems. Through powerful technology and intuitive user engagement, INKY keeps phishers out for good. Learn why so many companies trust the security of their email to INKY. Request an online demonstration today.