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Three Keys to Effective Email Security Awareness Training

Have you ever taught someone to drive? The average 16-year-old realizes very quickly that there is more to it than meets the eye. Merging onto the beltway, watching for pedestrians, double turn lanes, parallel parking, finding the wipers, roundabouts, right-of-way…the list goes on. The upside, of course, is that with focused attention, hands-on learning, and repetition, you’re teaching someone a skill they’ll have for the rest of their life. Over time, driving will become second nature. Believe it or not, recognizing phishing scams and similar cybersecurity risks works the same way.

Why Do MSPs Offer Email Security Awareness Training?

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are constantly considering which types of products and programs will benefit customers, add revenue to their companies, and give them a stronger overall offering than the competition. Offering security awareness training is an easy win, though you might wonder why it’s necessary if your customers are already protected from phishing attacks with the help of INKY’s email security platform. Well, there are a few good reasons security awareness training makes sense.

  • More is Better. Phishing attacks are no joke. Common company threats such as Business Email Compromise (BEC), data breaches, spoofing, ransomware, malware, and phishing accounted for losses totaling more than $3.4 billion in 2022.1 Regular email security training is a great addition to any security stack because it lowers click-thru rates and heightens the awareness and skill levels of all employees.
  • Compliance and Insurance Requirements. For some companies, ongoing security training and phishing simulation is an industry requirement. If you’re not offering the service, they’ll get it from one of your competitors.
  • Fosters a culture of cybersecurity. When the whole company regularly engages in conversations and activities surrounding email security, safe behavior becomes part of the corporate culture.

What Makes Email Security Awareness Training Effective?

When it comes to finding email security training, there are plenty of options. What’s important to understand is that not all email security programs are created equal. You’ll find the crazy-expensive options, the ultra-boring and even the super-outdated. So how do you choose? Well, to make it effective and worth the effort, email security awareness training should have the following attributes:

  1. Attention Grabbing. INKY’s Security Awareness Training includes short, creative videos that employees remember. New content is regularly developed and includes real-life stories, whiteboard animation, show and tell, and more.
  2. Hands-On Learning. Aside from participating in phishing simulation tests, employees will be able to take ownership of their own learning using their personal dashboard where they can view assigned and completed training.
  3. Repetition. Holding email security training sessions annually or even quarterly doesn’t reinforce learning. INKY’s Security Awareness Training is continual and compliments the daily learning the INKY Email Assistant banners provide employees. Security Awareness Training includes regular education and exercises, delivering just the right level of repetition to reinforce learning.

Enhance Your Offerings as an MSP

Add a new revenue stream to your product offerings and encourage your clients to include security awareness training in their security stack. Considering that human error is the #1 cause of email phishing disasters, it’s important to empower employees to take an active role in the company’s online security.2

Keep your customers safe from phishing attacks. Make sure you’re offering customers all elements of INKY’s behavioral email security platform.

  • Inbound Email Protection
  • Internal Email Protection
  • Advanced Attachment Analysis
  • Outbound Email Protection
  • Email Encryption
  • Graymail Protection
  • Security Awareness Training

Because INKY is focused on the success of MSPs, members of the INKY’s MSP Partner Program enjoy:

  • Auto-Onboarding
  • White label Programs
  • Flexible licensing and tiered pricing
  • NFR licenses
  • Turnkey Marketing Campaigns
  • White glove sales and tech support
  • Partner Portal
  • PSA integrations

Learn more about security awareness training and what partnering with INKY can do for your company and schedule a free demonstration today.


INKY is an award-winning, behavioral email security platform that blocks phishing threats, prevents data leaks, and coaches users to make smart decisions. Like a cybersecurity coach, INKY signals suspicious behaviors with interactive email banners that guide users to take safe action on any device or email client. IT teams don’t face the burden of filtering every email themselves or maintaining multiple systems. Through powerful technology and intuitive user engagement, INKY keeps phishers out for good. Learn why so many companies trust the security of their email to INKY. Request an online demonstration today.