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An INKY Phishmas Tale for the Holidays

The Hacker Who Stole Christmas

‘Twas the night before Phishmas, and on the dark web,
lurked a veteran old hacker, his friends called him Jeb.

“This year will be different! No Santa, no sleigh.
‘Cause I’m stealing Phishmas. A ransom they’ll pay!”

Jeb spoke not a word but went straight to his work,
A sly grin on his face. Jeb’s a true cyber jerk.

He devised a great scheme. He was proud of himself.
What he didn’t account for was INKY, the elf.

“First I’ll phish Santa’s workshop – a day-zero attack.
If I halt toy production, elves won’t fill Santa’s sack.”

“Then I’ll hack St. Nick’s laptop,” Jeb eerily hissed.
“One quick ATO and I’ll have Santa’s list!”

“Then I’ll phish the whole world, by nation and nation,
I’ll harvest credentials with impersonation!”

Jeb set up a fake site, used a hokey domain.
Forged a logo complete with Saint Nicholas’ name.

He created some malware, embedded hidden text.
Hit ‘SEND’ thinking surely Santa’s elves would be vexed!

But poised at her dashboard, styling purple and pink,
Sat INKY, the elf, who was always in synch.

INKY saw everything, not a phish could swim by
Thanks to her machine learning and top-rated AI.

Along came Jeb’s emails, and according to plan,
They swam through the SEGs and dodged Microsoft scans.

But INKY was ready. She’d been waiting downstream
Armed with her Phishfence, which worked like a dream.

Jeb’s emails were caught in the quickest of manners.
Each problem was flagged clearly with different red banners.

Phishmas was saved! North Pole disaster averted.
The reports told the story, and St. Nick was alerted.

Santa’s eyes, how they twinkled! His dimples, how merry!
No ransom to pay! Wouldn’t that have been scary?

Santa called up the troops so he could explain,
The wonder of Phishmas: a foiled phishing campaign!

Elves and deer gathered, knee-deep in the snow,
And Santa relayed, “There’s something you all should know.”

“INKY installs in no time, on any device.
Which earns her a spot on my list titled “NICE”.

“Once you’ve seen INKY, you’re never the same.
You’ll get phished without her, leaving just you to blame”.

Santa climbed in his sleigh, so his night could get rocking,
Then he grabbed one last gift…some coal for Jeb’s stocking.

Then Santa exclaimed as he drove out of sight,
Happy Phishmas to all! INKY fights the good fight.


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