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The Pros and Cons of Traditional SEGs versus INKY

In the world of email security, SEGs play a really important role. Formally known as Secure Email Gateways, SEGs monitor a company’s email traffic to help ensure unwanted items – such as spam, phishing emails, and malware are detected and stopped. SEGs usually come in the form of either software or a device and can be cloud-based or located on the company’s premises. There are a number of traditional SEGs, including Proofpoint Essentials, Mimecast, Barracuda Essentials, IRONSCALES, and Cisco Cloud Email Security.

The primary objective of these traditional SEGs is the same― to keep organizations safe from outside forces intent on infiltrating, compromising, and crippling a company, by way of an email. Paid services or software, these email security platforms are designed to provide an added layer of protection in the fight against phishing. But are they enough? At one time SEGs were simply the best there was to offer. Today, they are a good addition to any email security stack – as the first line of defense - but they simply are no match for the sophisticated cyber threats that are plaguing companies.

INKY Technology Corporation came onto the scene in 2018, offering an email security solution the industry had yet to see. With it, INKY quickly became a frontrunner. How, you ask? Well, the company’s flagship product, known as Phish Fence, leverages the power of unique computer vision, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and advanced visualization techniques to identify even the most well-disguised types of phishing attacks. The Phish Fence solution is so accurate that it catches thousands of potentially dangerous emails that went undetected by traditional SEGs.

INKY, however, throws its net beyond phishing to deliver a product that is simple to administer, deploys effortlessly, and works everywhere – including on mobile devices.

To better understand how INKY compares, consider this list of pros and cons, derived from interviews with traditional SEG reviewers and users.1

CON: The installation process of Proofpoint Essentials can be time-consuming and cumbersome.

PRO: With INKY, you don’t need to change your DNS records or make other public, disruptive changes to protect yourself. INKY uses the latest Microsoft technologies to vastly simplify setup and deployment; most customers are up and running in under an hour. And unlike other solutions, INKY Phish Fence supports a staged roll-out to groups of users at a time, rather than requiring a single cut-over.

CON: The Mimecast Secure Email Gateway admin console isn’t that easy to navigate.

PRO: INKY offers users an advanced dashboard that provides complete visibility into the threats facing your organization and what is being blocked.

CON: With Barracuda Essentials, spam messages still tend to slip through and the reporting and admin controls could be more advanced.

PRO: INKY catches pretty much everything. She’s at least two generations ahead of any other technology available…and getting stronger every day! In an INKY Special Phishing Report, you’ll find data on three companies that ran a traditional SEG and then installed INKY as a final line of defense. INKY caught and blocked tens of thousands of malicious emails that were missed by the SEGs. As for the admin controls, they’re easy to use and full of strong reporting,

CON: When using IRONSCALES, the ‘report phishing’ button only works in Outlook.

PRO: With INKY, you don’t have to ‘report phishing’ because we do the job for you! INKY's email assistant actually finds the threats before they get to your inbox and we alert you with a safety status on each and every email, regardless of the type of device you’re using.

CON: The Cisco Cloud Email Security service was not the easiest to learn and it’s difficult to use on mobile.

PRO: INKY works with any mail client, and on any device. Plus, the real time email assistant inserts a  banners directly in the email (desktop and mobile) alerting the user whether the message is Safe, Unusual, or Malicious. The email banners are stripped from, outbound email replies but the system acts as continual training to office employees.

Secure Email Gateways detect threats that are found in the body of an email. However, they don’t have the ability to see much beyond that. That’s where INKY comes in. INKY sits downstream from the SEG and catches what SEGs miss.

For example:

If that’s not enough, INKY has also proven to reduce the number of clicks your employees make on malicious emails. And while there may be hundreds of secure email gateways to choose from, there is only one INKY. We’re leading the industry in email security, and we want to help keep your company safe. Learn more about our email security solution and how it can put your company in a safe place.


INKY® helps companies secure email using a cloud-based security platform that proactively and instantly scans inbound, internal, and outbound emails to eliminate phishing and malware. The platform intelligently eliminates security threats by blocking malicious emails while assisting employees in real-time to handle suspicious emails. INKY's patented technology sanitizes and rewrites all emails, detects, and blocks brand forgery attempts using computer vision and machine learning models, and mitigates sender impersonation attacks using social profiling and stylometry algorithms. The assistant helps employees make safer email decisions. The INKY® platform was designed for mobile-first IT organizations and works seamlessly on any device, operating system, and mail client. Learn more about INKY® by requesting an online demonstration today.